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Two books on my wishlist

Two books that are on my wishlist right now:

Delia’s Shadow by Jaime Lee Moyer

Delia's Shadow


a) just look at that cover.

b) set in San Fransisco at the time of the Great Earthquake

c) it’s a ghost story and a love story and a fantasy, which pretty much sounds like a recipe for awesome to me.


A Turn of Light by Julie Czerneda

A Turn of Light

This came out a few months ago, and I admit I wasn’t super intrigued at first… until I started hearing all the reactions and responses to it, almost all of which were very positive. Now I think it sounds like exactly my kind of book! Can’t wait to read it and find out if that’s true.

But first I should probably read the *cough cough mumble* 5 Julie Czerneda books I already have and still haven’t gotten to yet…

How about you? What’s topping your wishlists right now?


Book wishlist – on my radar

The only trouble with great series is that sometimes you’re left waiting for the next book. Three books that are high on my wishlist right now but that I have to wait a little longer for:

Shattered Pillars, the sequel to Range of Ghosts, just came out in hardcover a couple of weeks ago. Given my review of Range of Ghosts yesterday, it’s no surprise that I’m eager to read book 2. I am going to wait to buy this until it comes out in trade, but luckily for me my library has a couple copies! So I should get a chance to read it fairly soon.

I’ve raved before about Cold Magic and Cold Fire, so it’s no surprise that as June comes closer I’m getting more and more antsy to read the third book in the Spiritwalker Trilogy. Cat, Vai, and Bee are among my all-time favourite fictional characters and I cannot wait to see how this series winds up. Only 12 more weeks to wait! Publication June 2013.

This is the next Elemental Blessings novel from Sharon Shinn. The first, Troubled Waters, sucked me in so completely that I was stuck in that world for days after I finished the book. So I was very happy to realize there was going to be another book in this world… a little less happy to realize I have to wait until November for it. But that’s alright, I have several other Sharon Shinn books to tide me over until then. Expected publication (according to the Goodreads page) is Nov 2013.

What forthcoming books from favourite authors are you looking forward to?

Book Wishlist

My TBR pile threatening to overflow off my bookshelves and trap me until I die a slow death by papercuts doesn’t stop me from ogling pretty pretty books that I don’t have (yet). Some of the top ones that are really calling to me lately:

midnight never come coverMidnight Never Come by Marie Brennan.

(Goodreads page)

Isn’t this a gorgeous cover? This isn’t exactly a new book, it came out in 2008, but I’m very intrigued. I love alternate histories, and I’m a sucker for ones with fairy drama in a secret/under/parallel/etc world. This one’s set in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, which is a time period I haven’t read a lot about for several years, so it would be nice to read something set then again.


feral magic cover

Feral Magic by Robin D. Owens

(Goodreads page)

This is an enovella that is apparently fairly different from Owens’ other books (according to a reviewer on Goodreads, at least). I’ve so far liked everything I’ve read by her, so I expect I’d like this too. Shapeshifters and alternate dimensions and romance? Sounds good to me! Unfortunately it’s not available on kobo yet… but when it is, I think I will be snapping this up. You can read a cut scene on the author’s blog.


matchbox girls cover

Matchbox Girls by Chrysoula Tzavelas

(Goodreads page)

Another book with a great cover. I have heard nothing but good things about this book, and can’t wait to read it. This will probably be the next book I buy.

What’s on your wishlist?