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WWW Wednesdays May 1

It’s May! And absolutely goooorgeous out here. I hope you have an equally lovely day, wherever you may be 🙂

Now I haven’t posted a WWW (or anything else, for that matter) for a few weeks. Real life sort of took over. Nothing bad, just busy and higher priority than blogging. C’est la vie. Anyway, here I am again.

The WWW Wednesdays meme comes from shouldbereading, and all you have to do is answer these questions: What are you currently reading? What did you recently finish reading? and What are you planning to read next?

currently reading

  • Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb – the 3rd book in the Farseer trilogy. I’ve barely started it, so not many thoughts on it yet, but I’m looking forward to finding out how the story wraps up.

recently finished

  • The Spirit Lens by Carol Berg – basically a medieval spy thriller, set in a fantasy land. Yeah pretty much as great as it sounds. That said, I had a couple problems with the characterization, one of which is that I felt Ilario’s character was way too over the top for the first couple chapters. The other one is suuuuper spoilery so I’ll leave it be. Overall, though, I very much enjoyed this–the first novel I’ve read of Carol Berg’s, though I’ve read her in an anthology before–and look forward to the couple other books of hers I have.
  • Enchanted No More by Robin D Owens – very much enjoyed this, the first Mystic Circle book. Looking forward to reading the second.
  • A Mapmaker’s Dream by James Cowan – if this had been a full-length novel, I doubt I’d have finished it. As it was, towards the end it was fairly interesting, existentialist philosophy, but overall not a winner for me.

plan to read next

I imagine Assassin’s Quest will take me a while to read (still have over 700 pages to go :P) so I think I’ll read some poetry or other short works interspersed with it. Break things up a bit. I have a Thomas Hardy and a Robbie Burns collection that I haven’t gotten to yet, so maybe one of those, or there’s still my Complete Works of Shakespeare to tackle… Oh, or Dante’s The Inferno (in translation). We’ll see.