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Book Review: Heart Change by Robin D. Owens

Heart Change by Robin D. Owens

(Goodreads page)

Back cover blurb:

Signet D’Marigold’s lonely life is shaken when a prophet reveals that Signet is a catalyst for change… But to accept her new life–and the charge of noble child Avellana Hazel–will mean embracing a danger that might be fatal.

Cratag Maytree sold his sword and traveled across continents to find a place with his distant family. However, his settled life is disrupted when he is loaned out as a bodyguard for Signet and Avellana. Once again he feels like an outsider.

As Signet’s and Cratag’s attraction develops into love, her fear of abandonment and his concern about their different backgrounds diminish. Happiness seems within their grasp until fate makes them the target of a secret enemy they must defeat to survive…

My thoughts:

I bought Heart Change spontaneously last weekend, and on Sunday I read it cover to cover. Heart Change is the sixth Celta book I’ve read, and definitely one of my favourites from the series so far. (I haven’t read the series in order– I think each book stands on its own quite well, though there will be references to events and people from other books).

As always with Celta books, I loved the rich worldbuilding, and enjoyed seeing a bit more of how all the families interact and/or are interconnected. My favourite aspect of Heart Change, though, was the progression of Signet’s and Cratag’s relationship. So often in romances there is *such* a fast progression of the relationship that you wonder, sometimes, what chance the couple really has for a stable longterm relationship after the book ends. But here, Signet and Cratag knew of each other, had met briefly at public events, had been attracted to each other, all before the story starts. So when the events of the story force them into close quarters with each other, their relationship moving to the next level feels very natural. They “date”, and have their ups and downs, and I very much enjoyed watching this progression of their relationship.

Overall, highly recommended to fans of the Celta series and fans of romance/ fantasy romance.