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Somehow a week went by…

…without me posting here. Not sure how that happened. And I’m sad I missed posting a WWW Wednesday post yesterday! But there wasn’t really that much to say, anyways – Palimpsest is now a ‘currently reading’ instead of a ‘planning to read next,’ and I finished 100 Love Sonnets by Pablo Neruda (in translation). Everything else is the same as the week before.

I have been posting elsewhere on the internets though! Over at Quintessential Crafts, I have one where my giant teddy bear does an excellent job modeling the scarf I crocheted over the weekend. And one where I confess that I’ve been bested by a crochet heart.

But mostly it’s been a Life sort of week, the sort that keeps me busy but doesn’t make for particularly interesting posts. Weeks like this make me have so much respect and awe for book bloggers. Posting several reviews a week – some posting several reviews a day! I honestly don’t know how you do it. I mean, I feel like I read quite a lot, and place a high importance on books in my life, but I’ve been meaning to write up a couple reviews for a week or so now and still haven’t gotten to it. Seriously, book bloggers, you boggle me. In the best of ways possible. ❤


Launching Something New!

In other words, this post has absolutely nothing to do with books. Gasp!

Today, one of my best friends, Andrea, and I are launching our joint crafting site: Quintessential Crafts!

This is me:

We’ve been planning this for a while, and so it’s super exciting that the day is here! We hope to post about all sorts of things–not only finished pieces that we are listing for sale, but also failed experiments, things we really want to try, ideas we love… basically anything and everything crafty 🙂

Which with us, could really mean everything. We have super eclectic tastes and love experimenting, so there’s not much that we’d shy away from.

Right now we have everything from Valentine’s cards to baby booties to ornaments, and we’ll be fleshing the site out more with every post.

Excuse me while I go stare at the pretty pictures and bounce around in excitement some more.