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Friday kitty picspam

I don’t know what the weather is like for anyone else, but here it’s pretty miserable today. One of those gross January thaw days where it’s raining steadily and turning all the snow into nasty gloopy slush. So I’ll try and counteract the blah with some kitty pics.

This week Callie (aka girl-cat, aka cat #2) got spayed. To heal after surgery, curl up with a blanket and a book… or in her case, push a blanket over a book and use it as a pillow.


Not the position I would choose with stitches in my stomach, but she seemed very comfy…



Sunset at the cottage

This is the picture that I cropped a piece of to use for my header. It’s from summer 2010, taken from a hill just above my cottage (near Algonquin park) that was one of my favourite haunts as a kid.

I’m loving the snow that’s falling today, but also looking forward to the summer and being able to watch the sun set over the lake again.