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Book Review: Double Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

Double Dexter by Jeff Lindsay (link to Goodreads page)

Back cover copy:

Dexter is displeased. Like any self-respecting, totally decent, soundly homicidal guy, Dexter Morgan takes great pride in his work and is careful to remain anonymous. So he is, naturally, upset to discover that someone has identified him and–worst of all–is now turning his own methods against him. The situation soon becomes more complicated when a brutal cop-killer begins targeting Miami’s police detectives–leaving behind bodies that are battered beyond recognition–and stoking the department’s worst fears. As his colleagues grow more paranoid of the psychotic killer in their midst, Dexter’s position is increasingly perilous. He is running out of time to track down this copycat and deliver his usual special justice, before his dark hobby is revealed to the world.

My thoughts:

This is the 6th book in the Dexter series, and in my opinion one of the best so far. Aside from the first chapter, which I found overwritten and clunky, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and will definitely keep reading the series. I think the main reason I have enjoyed books 5 and 6 of this series so much is the increasing role and pressure of Dexter’s family. His strengthening relationship with Cody and Astor, and all the new experiences Lily Anne brings to him, have really fleshed out his character and made him a much more 3D protagonist. I also really enjoy the progression of Deb’s character, and the way both Deb’s and Dexter’s growth has impacted their relationship as well.

Double Dexter was a very fast book, in the sense that three chapters from the end I found myself thinking there’s no way both major plot threads could be wrapped up in time. But they were, and you could probably claim it all fell very quickly into place a little *too* conveniently for Dexter, but meh, it worked for me.

I definitely recommend this book to fans of the series. I recommend the series to fans of crime books/thrillers/antihero books/serial killer protagonists (and I presume fans of the tv show Dexter, though I can’t say for sure since I actually don’t like the show), with the caveat that in my opinion books 3 and 4 are substantially weaker. 1 and 2 I liked, 3 and 4 I didn’t, 5 and 6 I like as much or more than 1-2.

I think the 7th book is coming out this summer, I’ll be looking forward to reading it.