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Thinking about critiques

I’ve had a writing revelation! Well, possibly. Possibly not much of a revelation at all.

But you know when you get that critique that goes something along the lines of “this story doesn’t feel finished!” or “this story is great but I want to know more!” And you think to yourself how awesome it is that your characters and setting are intriguing people to want so much more than you’re giving them, and then think to yourself they’ll probably be waiting a while because this story was a once-off, or a throwaway bit of flash fiction, and you don’t really intend on revisiting the world/characters/whatever.

Maybe that’s not really what the critiquers are trying to say. Maybe what that critique really means is that there are a lot of good things going on in your piece, enough to mask the fact that there’s not really any plot.

What made me start thinking about this was the question of “how does the main character change from the beginning to the end of the story?” And it seems to me like the not feeling finished or wanting to know more reaction is a reaction to there being no answer to this question. And that probably one of the main reasons why there would be no answer to that question would be because there is no plot, or not enough plot.

I dunno. Something to think about, at least.