Random thought about vampires

An utterly random thought I just had:

If you’re following the part of vampire lore that says they can’t enter a house/dwelling without an invitation…

… is that invitation specific to the person/family, or to the house?

As in, if I bought a house, and the previous owners had knowingly or unknowingly invited a vampire into the house, would the vampire be able to come back at his/her leisure and pick off me and my family?

Or what about rental places, especially apartments, where there can be a very fast/high turnover of tenants?

IF SO. A vampire could just be like a cable repair guy or something similar and get invited into several houses. (Just do it in the winter when it gets dark early. Repair people always show up later than they say they will anyways). Easy meals for a while, at least. He/she could have a handful of houses they’re allowed in, in a handful of cities, and rotate between them.

Anyone know of any vampire story where they address the issue of invitations? (I remember in Buffy, you can disinvite a vampire, but don’t remember if it said anything about whether it’s the people or the building the invitation hinges on).

And no, I’m not currently working on anything involving vampires. This is just how my mind works.

On that note… Happy Easter!


4 thoughts on “Random thought about vampires

  1. Saronai

    Some interesting thoughts…that apparently my husband knows the answer to way better than I do. I’d say, if you were writing a story about vampires, you could play on these ideas.

    He says that, when the subject is broached in vampire stories (I’m surprised he knows a whole lot about them since he hates vampire stories…) the invitation is revoked when the people change. New household, new house and he’s generally fairly reasonable but is confirming this as fact, rather than opinion…so apparently he’s read way more old vampire stories, myths, and lore than I have…which is no large feat, I admit.

    Anyway, he DOES say, however, that it hinges most on the permission of the house’s owner. Their kids’ permission doesn’t really count. In this respect a land lord could give the vampire permission (maybe he’s the handyman?) and the tenants would be screwed.

    I love the added note about cable guys always being later than they said anyway!

    Interesting thoughts…of course, my brain works quite this way too, so following your similar random question and answer session about mythological creatures is a familiar and comforting form of entertainment 😀

  2. Steph

    Ya its the owner not the house itself. In some instances anyone who “belongs” to the house can not just the official owner. (like when Dawn dumbly told vamp Harmony to come in and say that to her face) also if the house is abandoned it is breachable like at the end of season 7 of buffy where Spike can just wander in because tbe owners have fled.

    I know Buffy requires a spell to disinvite (sorry Angelus) but in other lore such as the southern vampire mysteries (aka.true blood) somply stating the words is enough to force them out of the house.

    As for appartment buildings in the joss wheedon universe it is the tenant as in onefod the Angel episodes he is unable to help Kate’s father from a vamp attack because he’s not invited in. Also you see Cordelia having to invite him when he comes by her place.

    I love vampires and ponder them quite often.


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