WWW Wednesdays Mar 13

How on earth has a week gone by already? I have no idea where the time went, but it’s Wednesday again so here we go for this week’s WWW post.

The meme comes from shouldbereading, and all you have to do is answer these questions: What are you currently reading? What did you recently finish reading? and What are you planning to read next?

currently reading

  • Double Dexter by Jeff Lindsay (6th book in Dexter series) – haven’t really started it since I just finished my other book last night, but it’s sitting on the bedside table… Hoping it’s as good as the 5th Dexter was.
  • Le Misanthrope, Molière – barely picked this up last week, will have to make more time for it this week
  • Livy book 1 – up to 1.52 – only 9 sections left, hoping to finish this week.

recently finished

  • Lady of the Forest, by Jennifer Roberson – Robin Hood retelling! I looooove Robin Hood retellings. Books, movies, whatever, I’ve read/seen a ton of them, and this is a good one. Most PTSD-y Robin I’ve encountered yet, and a pretty badass Marian.
  • Homer, Iliad book 1 – oy, I forgot how whiny everyone is at the start of the Iliad, especially Agamemnon and Achilles. The only people in this book who aren’t horribly whiny and annoying are Thetis, Nestor, and Hephaestus. I think they need some new friends.

plan to read next

I have no idea! Some of my choices that I can’t decide between:


Which do you think I should pick?


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