Thoughts on Cover Reveals

What do people think about cover reveals for forthcoming books? I’m curious, because my feelings are a little mixed.

Recently I saw a lot of hype in the few days before an upcoming YA title’s cover was revealed. It was working, too, I guess, since when I did see the link to the cover reveal I clicked it. But then… I didn’t like the cover. I don’t even think it’s a bad cover, it’s just not a great one, imo.

The thing is though, I’m pretty sure if I’d seen that cover without all the hype – just the author being like oooh! cover for the new book! or whatever – I wouldn’t have thought anything negative about it. I think that because I clicked on the link to see the cover with the mindset of going to see something awesome, when it was ordinary I was let down.

That said, I do love looking at covers, and I love it when authors post covers for their books – including foreign editions etc. I don’t even mind a couple tweets/updates in the vein of “got preliminary cover art and I love it! but I can’t show it yet! haha! don’t worry, I will when I can!” But when it’s strung out over days or weeks, I just wonder if the pay-off is worth it.

What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Thoughts on Cover Reveals

  1. CrisCoursey

    It’s too build up excitement and draw you in. I understand them, I’ve even come to enjoy some of them, but what bothers me is: When the cover is absolutely, incredible awesome and the book is egh… That’s a letdown. Have fun Lillian!

  2. Saronai

    I never really thought of it this way, but definitely worth thinking about! I’d say…you probably ought not to do it if your cover isn’t sufficiently awesome. That would be subjective, yes, but at least you’re thinking about it.

    I’d hate to get someone all hyped up for a cover reveal, they click, and it’s something ordinary or worse. If that were the case, better to just reveal the cover with the book’s release sans fanfare. The last message I want to send is that my book, when it’s finally out, will be just as ordinary and slightly disappointing as my hyped up cover.

    I’m thinking a general rule of thumb is, if, divorced from your baby, you are still wowed by your cover, then it might be worth a reveal avec fanfare post. Otherwise, if it’s not something awesome apart from being your story, just let it do the attraction work for you on the book release post.

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