Reading Challenge

I found a reading challenge today that I couldn’t resist. The Embarrassment of Riches TBR Reading Challenge 2013, hosted by planetpooks.


Basically, it’s a reading challenge to knock down the ol’ TBR pile a bit. Only books you read that you owned prior to Jan 1 2013 count for the challenge. I’m aiming for 50+ books.

This is a perfectly timed challenge for me, since I have a move (hopefully) on the semi-near horizon. I’ve been saying that I should really make a dent in the huge pile of books I own–in most cases have owned for years–but have never read. Because I’m sure they won’t all be keepers, and it would be nice to move only the keepers to a new house. Now I know that’s not going to happen, since there’s well over 200 unread books, but this challenge should help me whittle that number down.

I will also continue with my rule that I have to read 5 books I already own before I can buy 1 new one. I’ve been using that system since last April or May, and I think it is really helping. Between the challenge and this rule, I should be able to cut Mount TBR a little more down to size.

Of course if I keep picking the fattest books I own to read–I’m looking at you, Complete Works of Shakespeare–I may be in trouble…


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