2013 Resolutions

I’m not much one for thinking a lot about the past (my past, at least)–I’m usually thinking ahead to the future. So 2012… it was a good year. I finished my Masters degree. I didn’t write as much fiction as I would have liked, but overall 2012 was a good year. Now it’s over and I’m looking forward to everything 2013 will bring me.

Sitting here now, drinking the last of my loose-leaf strawberry and rose jasmine tea that was a gift from a friend, looking out the window on a beautiful sunny winter day, 2013 is looking pretty awesome.

I made a few resolutions for this year, to help the awesomeness along.

  • exercise 5 days a week (right now I’m dancing twice a week, and it’s just not cutting it)
  • write 5 days a week (still pulling myself back into good habits after my writing got derailed by my thesis)
  • find a job (self-explanatory)
  • read at least 10 works in French
  • read at least 5 works in Latin and Greek

The last two are to prevent my languages from atrophying. It would be pretty sad to have spent 6 years studying ancient languages only to lose them a year later through lack of practice. As for the French, I don’t talk to anyone in French since moving away from Ottawa, so I’ve got to start reading more in French if I don’t want to lose it. Movies or tv shows would work too–anyone have any recommendations?

In French, I’m thinking I’ll start by finishing up Anne Hébert’s Le Torrent. I read most of the stories in that collection a couple years ago but never got to the last one or two. For the Latin and Greek, I think I’ll start with Livy I and Homer Iliad I, since again I started both of those about a year ago.

So those are my resolutions this year. Anyone else make any for 2013?


4 thoughts on “2013 Resolutions

  1. Mikaela

    I hope you find a job soon, personally I have an interview for a teacher substitute position next week. I am… cautiously hopeful, since it is a really flexible position and with an respected company. ( And better than the telemarketing offers I have had. Ugh)

      1. Mikaela

        Thank you! I have had faux interviews with my job coach that went well, but it isn’t the same as the real deal :).

      2. lillianwheeler Post author

        Yeah, I’m not sure how well I come across in interviews… all of my previous jobs I got from people I already knew/worked with (mostly professors saying hey, I have this project I need help with, are you up for it?). So far, I’ve never gotten a job from any interview I’ve had with a stranger. Something to work on, for sure. Interviews are tricky. Having some practice with a coach who can tell you what you’re doing well or not well is a really good idea though, I haven’t had a chance like that.

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